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The Body at Penford Priory

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Imagine Agatha Christie crossed with Murder, She Wrote...

Aunt Kate and Lady Jane’s third light-hearted cozy mystery takes place at a priory destroyed in 1545. While Jane and her archaeological friends seek the long-lost grave of Prior Wilfred, Kate astounds everyone by unearthing a body buried only twenty years ago. Was it murder?

England, September 1928

When Aunt Kate visits the dig site on Lord Mortimer’s estate, she’s hoping for a fascinating and convivial weekend with her niece. Instead, she and Jane soon find themselves dealing with deadly deceit, hidden passions, and the arrival of Inspector Ridley from Scotland Yard.

Faced with an ensemble of haughty nobles and gossiping villagers, our daring duo must expose long-buried secrets if they’re to unearth the truth and discover whodunnit.

Join Kate and Lady Jane in an entertaining 1920s cozy mystery. Perfect for fans of T. E. Kinsey, Verity Bright, and Lee Strauss.

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