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The Unfortunate Death Of Lord Longbottom

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Imagine Agatha Christie crossed with Murder, She Wrote...

In Aunt Kate and Lady Jane’s fourth light-hearted cozy mystery, Lord Longbottom keels over
just before a meeting at the town hall. 
It looks like he’s been poisoned – but what do his dying words, “Sir Christopher!” actually mean?

England, March 1929


Kate expects the meeting at Sandham-on-Sea’s town hall to be a routine affair. Certainly, murder isn’t on the agenda. But someone clearly had other ideas. Worse still, the implicated Sir Christopher is the husband of Kate’s friend, Lady Davenport. But can this harmless, affable chap really be a ruthless killer?

When Sergeant Jones arrives, he declares the incident to be a case for a superior mind and hurries off to alert Inspector Ridley of Scotland Yard. In full agreement, Kate responds by telephoning her niece, Lady Jane Scott.

Jane quickly establishes Sir Christopher’s innocence, but that’s just the start of a puzzling mystery. Faced with an ensemble of sneaky, slippery schemers and gossiping locals, aunt and niece must untangle a web of secrets and lies if they’re to discover whodunnit.

Join Kate and Lady Jane in an entertaining 1920s cozy mystery. Perfect for fans of T. E. Kinsey, Verity Bright, and Lee Strauss.

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